If you want to sample life in a typical rural village take a journey through Maguez. The peaceful and picturesque northern hamlet that lies between Haria and the Guinate Tropical Park.

Village Life

Maguez comprises little more than around 150 houses – and the village is surrounded by fields of black picon where local campesinos grow crops such as corn and potatoes.

The village itself revolves around the central hub of the Ayuntamiento and Socidead – which are handily located slap bang next door to each other. Whilst the pretty village church is just a few minutes walk away.

As is the case with many other villages in the north of the island Maguez is perceived as being quite isolated. Although in truth it is only around 20 minutes drive to the nearest tourist resort of Costa Teguise and just a further ten minutes from there to the capital city of Arrecife.

But on a small island distances become relative. And as a result property prices in Maguez are a little cheaper in comparison to elsewhere on the island.

Traditional Canarian Architecture

Take a walk around the village from the ´main street´ that is home to the Ayuntamiento and you’ll come across plenty of examples of traditional Canarian architecture – as well as a fair few houses in need of restoration. Some properties, such as the village’s old windmill, El Molino, have already been renovated to great effect.

Maguez´s main attraction is its unspoilt and peaceful character. So there aren’t any conventional tourist attractions per se.

Art Gallery

Countryside around MaguezHowever, the village is home to a neat little gallery, which is owned by - and displays the work of – local artist Jaime Romero and which is well worth a visit. Romero is a multi faceted artist and his work covers everything from paintings through to carnival costume design. 

Maguez is also a starting point for some of the best walking on the island, as from here visitors can follow a route that allows them to climb and view the double crater at Los Helechos.