Matagorda and Los Pocillos are just five minutes away from the busy nearby resort of Puerto del Carmen. Yet a world away in terms of tranquillity. Matagorda is often viewed as little more than an extension of the large and bustling resort of Puerto del Carmen, but it has plenty to recommend it.

General Information



Along with Playa Los Pocillos, Matagorda has a unique character all of its own.

Boasting excellent beaches, good amenities and plenty of bars and restaurants. And offering a quieter alternative to the hustle and bustle of Puerto del Carmen.

So if spending the minimum amount of time getting to your accommodation is a priority then Matagorda is the spot for you. As the resort lies in close proximity to Arrecife airport – and is little more than a five minute cab ride away.

With the new town of Puerto del Carmen little more than five minutes away in the opposite direction. The resort is orientated around a long stretch of golden sand and is home to a number of good quality hotels – such as the Beatriz Playa. Along with plenty of choice of apartment accommodation.

History and Development

Matagorda, and the nearby beach resort of Los Pocillos were developed on Lanzarote during the 1990´s in order to cater to a growing demand for holiday accommodation in Puerto del Carmen. As a result facilities and infrastructure are relatively modern.

Although the resort has grown over the last twenty years — it now stretches along the whole 6 kilometres of golden sandy beaches — the town has been saved from the high-rise buildings that blight so many other destinations due to the strict planning restrictions.


What To Do

Holiday life in Matagorda inevitably revolves around the beach. Which is so large that it effortlessly absorbs sunbathers without ever feeling over crowded. Along with the sea front promenade – which now stretches all the way into Puerto del Carmen to the south. And all the way back towards Arrecife in the other direction.


Shopping facilities in Matagorda are relatively sparse in relation to Puerto del Carmen. Revolving around the Commercial Centre Matagorda which is home to a Spar supermarket. Nearby Los Pocillos is also served by the same supermarket chain. The Commercial Centre is also home to numerous bars and restaurants. Although those in search of some more serious nightlife will need to walk or take a taxi into Puerto del Carmen.


Where to Stay

Matagorda is home to one of the most popular hotels in Lanzarote, the Beatriz Spa.  We also have a small selection of Lanzarote holiday villas available for rent in the resort.