Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is only a few kilometres in distance from the bustling resort of Puerto del Carmen, but a world away in style and atmosphere. Home to some of the finest Lanzarote villas and hotels, as well as a good selection of bars and restaurants.

General Information


On the South-West coast of Lanzarote, Puerto Calero is only 10 kilometres from Arrecife Airport and 20km from the island's capital.

Its geographical location is ideal for a marina being sheltered from the island’s prevalent North-Easterly winds. The neighbouring island of Fuerteventura and the mountain range forming the coast of Punta Gorda also give protection from the strong waves rolling in from the Atlantic and the less common South-Westerly winds.

In navigational terms Puerto Calero is situated at 28° 55′ North and 13° 42′ West.

History and Development

Puerto Calero did not exist until it was dreamed up by the developer José Calero as an exclusive retreat to provide a luxury marina, residential development and golf course for the island of Lanzarote.

In 1983 the company Puerto Calero SA was formed and the dream started to become reality.

Construction of the Marina began in 1986, which also saw the first wave of luxury villas built as well. The planned 200 berths came into operation in 1989.

Because of the initial success a decision was made in 1997 to double its capacity. In just two years the work had been completed with 420 Berths for boats of between 8 and 75 metres.

During this time development had continued on the infrastructure of Puerto Calero in Lanzarote, with shops, apartments and offices being built. Every area of the marina was landscaped making it a great place to while away a couple of hours, even for those of us who live here.

The developers have not rested on their laurels and a new retail / office complex has just been opened, the Golf course is due to start construction soon and more luxury villas have been built. Puerto Calero is certainly a part of Lanzarote that should not be missed.

What To Do

The Marina is a great place to wander, look at the fabulous boats and generally soak up a bit of the luxury atmosphere that permeates the whole place. You can certainly spend a few hours sat in one of the cafes or restaurants that overlook the marina without even realizing how long you have been there.


If you want to do more than just sit, Puerto Calero is the base for a number of water based activites, such as the Catlanza catamaran trips, Submarine excursions and a variety of sport-fishing boats which allow you to try your skill at landing Marlin and Blue-fin Tuna in some of the best and most productive waters you can find.

If you prefer being in — rather than on — the water there are a couple of dive schools operating out of the Marina who offer instruction and guided dives from beginner through to advanced levels.


The array of shops in Puerto Calero is not vast, but you will find some very nice boutiques alongside souvenir shops which are more upmarket than in the other resorts of Lanzarote.


There are several excursions based in Puerto Calero. Catlanza - the luxury catamaran - sets sail daily.

Where to Eat

Puerto Calero is not short on places to eat, whether it is a coffee and pastry or a good quality evening meal that you are looking for.


A personal favourite is the Pasta Restaurant of Papardelle which serves great food — mainly Pizza and Pasta — in a classic Italian style.

Bars and Cafes

McSorley's bar — next door to Papardelle — is a great place for a relaxed drink in an evening and also a great place to start the day with a bacon sandwich at the weekend.



Where to Stay


The two hotels in Puerto Calero — the Costa Calero and the Hesperia Lanzarote — are truly fantastic.

Alternatively, you can book a privately owned, luxury holiday villa in Puerto Calero direct with us.

The Property Market

If you’re interested in buying property in Puerto Calero, please visit our property for sale page, which is dedicated to this area of the island.

Services for Boats

For those with an interest in the technical aspects of the Marina of Puerto Calero, it is one of the most modern anywhere in the World and boasts a high level of equipment and services, including:

Telephone and Internet Services
Electricty inputs of 220 and 380 Watts, simple and triphase up to 220 amps
Fresh Water connection
Customes and Immigration Services
Fuel Supply — Diesel and Petrol
Onboard delivery of Fresh Food
Weather Information
Maximum depth of 5 metres
Maximum width of 45 metres

Marina Contact Details

Tel: +34 928 511285
Fax: +34 928 511 462
VHF Channel 9, 16
Email: reservas@puertocalero.com

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