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Celebrate Los Dolores This Weekend

Tuesday September 13, 2011

Celebrate Los Dolores This Weekend

The annual festival of Los Dolores takes place this weekend in Mancha Blanca, with pilgrims walking to the site of the miracle from all over the island on Saturday 17th September. As part of the celebrations and to ensure the pilgrims won't go hungry a special menu will be on offer at the Monumento al Campesino, to those passing through Mozaga on route to Mancha Blanca.

Attendance at the Fiesta of Los Dolores is expected to be higher than usual this year. In previous years, as many as 50,000 Conejeros have undertaken the walk from their home villages to pay their respects at the church in Mancha Blanca in Tinajo. Alongside the religious ceremony which sees the saint's effigy taken out of the church in a solemn procession, there is also live music and countless food and drink stalls set up to provide those attending with sustenance.

This fiesta is of particular significance to local residents as it marks the occasion in 1824 when a young girl prayed for the lava flow advancing on her village to stop. As the molten river did in fact cease flowing before it reached the village, the incident has become known as a miracle. And is celebrated every year with a pilgrimage, religious ceremony and night long fiesta.

Alongside the festivities that take place on Saturday, there is also a large artisan fair taking place at Mancha Blanca, from Wednesday 14th September until Sunday 18th. This will include stalls selling locally crafted items, such as lace, basketwork, ceramics, leather goods and jewellery.

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