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Lanzarote Welcomes 6th Arte Bienal Festival

Thursday October 13, 2011

Lanzarote Welcomes 6th Arte Bienal Festival

The 6th Arte Lanzarote Bienal gets underway this month, with numerous events planned across Lanzarote throughout October, November and December. Including a free concert at the Museum of International and Contemporary Art on the 21st of October, street installations across the capital Arrecife and much much more besides.

Events taking place this month include an exhibition of 'Art, Health and Mind' at the Exhibition Space in El Aljibe, located in Haria, in front of the town hall. The exhibition features works by numerous artists exploring issues related to mental health and the pressures which face individuals in modern society. The inauguration of this collection of works is on Friday 21st October at 12.00 and entrance is free.

At the Museum of International Contemporary Art from Thursday 20th October there will be an exhibition dedicated to the 'Vita Activa' project, which asked local artists to look at alternative and more flexible uses of public spaces, such as the Charco de San Gines in Arrecife. The three most inspiring designs which meet the project's aims will form the basis of this exhibition. Entrance to this exhibition is also free.

Also taking place on Thursday 20th October is the interactive street based exhibition which allows passersby to become their own souvenir. The idea is to create a miniature statue of pedestrians by using their silhouettes, which can then be used as a 'souvenir'. This venture is being put together by the art collective BlablaLAB. It will take place in La Plazuela in the centre of Arrecife, close to the pedestrian Calle Real, from 18.30 and 21.00 on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of October.

A free music event at the Museum of International Contemporary Art (MIAC) has also been organised for Friday 21st October. The bands Hidrogenesse and Oscartienealas will be performing alongside DJ Ze Small in the restaurant at MIAC from 21.30 onwards. Oscartienealas is a local island group, whilst Hidrogenesse hail from Barcelona whose sound covers a wide range of influences, including synthetic pop, ballads, rock'n'roll and progressive rock.

As part of the Arte Bienal, there will also be several street installations in Arrecife, such as next to the Charco de San Gines, where some of the derelict houses in Calle de Brasil will be used as the backdrop for an exhibition entitled 'To Live in a Biosphere Reserve'.

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