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Ultimate Beach Frisbee in Puerto del Carmen

Friday November 18, 2011

Ultimate Beach Frisbee in Puerto del Carmen

The Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament returns to Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen this weekend for its ninth edition. With games scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this fast moving sport provides plenty of entertainment for both spectators and participants alike.

The game has developed out of a convergence of American football and netball, with the most obvious difference to both these sports being the use of a frisbee rather than a ball. Two teams of seven players each compete to score goals on a 64 metre pitch, which in this case will be made of golden grains of sand.

As a result of the way in which the game is played, by passing the frisbee to other team members without dropping it or allowing it to fall to the ground, the pace is frenetic. If the frisbee does land on the floor, possession is lost. The aim of each team is to intercept the frisbee as it is being passed between the opposing team members and then race to the goal zone to score.

The tournament starts at 10.00 on Friday on the main beach, Playa Grande, in Puerto del Carmen and each game lasts 45 minutes. Competitors hail from a wide range of European nations, with teams from France, the UK, Germany and Spain all participating.

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