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Ecolatria Exhibition Opens in Teguise

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Ecolatria Exhibition Opens in Teguise

Head for the historic former island capital of Teguise and take in an exhibition of by the local Tenerife artist Vicente Lopez Arencibia at the Convent of Santo Domingo. Arencibia’s work is being presented under the title of ‘Ecolatria’ and features the latest series of paintings by the artist.

Amongst the subjects explored by Vicente is the Tower of Babel, as painted by Bruegel. Using the original sixteenth century painting as a basis to work from, Arencibia has conceived of a futuristic metropolis surrounding the tower, to illustrate how out of control economic development has become in the modern day world.

Arencibia has previously exhibited his work in the Gallery Macula in Tenerife and at the Koster-Galerie Moderne in Amsterdam. His canvases tend to be on the large size, as illustrated by the photograph of him working on his painting entitled ‘Samuel Barber’.

Recently he has also been commissioned to paint a portrait of Johann Cruyff for the former footballer's Foundation in Holland. And he shared studio space with the painter Gomez Bueno during a stint in Los Angeles. This is the first time the artist has had an exhibition in Lanzarote, however.

Ecolatria will run until the end of December and entrance to the exhibition is free. The Convent of Santo Domingo is open from Sunday to Monday between 10.00 and 15.00 and is closed on Saturday.


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