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Sound and Light Show at MIAC

Thursday January 12, 2012

Sound and Light Show at MIAC

This weekend an audiovisual spectacle will be presented at the Museum of International Contemporary Art (MIAC) in Arrecife. Featuring the work of Eloi Maduell and Santiago Vilanova the show will combine synchronized laser lighting with a soundtrack and forms part of the sixth Bienal Arte in Lanzarote.

There will be two daily sessions of the show on both Friday 13th January and Saturday 14th, at 21.15 and 23.00 with each session lasting fifteen minutes. This joint project is presented under the title of ‘Playmodes’ and consists of patterns of sound and light that attempt to evoke natural phenomenon, such as the turbulence of the wind and the waves.

The two artists, Maduell and Vilanova, have developed their own audiovisual instrument which allows them to programme different patterns of light and sound together. Details of the design and construction of their equipment are based on Open source processes which are not covered by copyright, as the duo prefer to share their work with the on-line community which is open to the public.
In addition to the light and sound show taking place this weekend at the MIAC in the Castillo de San Jose there will also be a further projection taking place in the Charco de San Gines on Saturday 28th January, which will feature works from all the participants of the Bienal Arte Lanzarote 2011.


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