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Mas Que Son in Arrecife

Friday March 16, 2012

Mas Que Son in Arrecife

Local trio Más Que Son play live at the Island Theatre in Arrecife tomorrow night, showcasing their unique brand of Latin music, which combines salsa, Latin jazz and Cuban rhythms.

Mas Que Son is a clever word play with a double meaning, as Son is both a Cuban musical form and the Spanish word for sound.

The three musicians live in Lanzarote and consist of guitarist Yoriell Carmona, singer Sergio Padron and bassist Toto Noriega. Their appearance at the Teatro Insular in Arrecife is the final gig in a string of dates which have taken in various venues across the Canary Islands, where they have been promoting their new album, entitled ‘Un Poco Mas’ (A Little More).

Cuban music is a popular form in the Canaries, evidence of the strong links that still exist between this archipelago and the Spanish speaking Caribbean island. As over the centuries many Lanzaroteños fled hunger, poverty and volcanic eruptions to carve out a new life in Cuba.

Tickets for this event cost €12 and can be purchased from the Education and Culture Department at the Cabildo of Lanzarote and gets underway from 21.00.

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