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Big Game Fishing Contest in Puerto Calero

Wednesday August 29, 2012

Big Game Fishing Contest in Puerto Calero

The upmarket marina of Puerto Calero plays host to the island’s 20th annual Big Game Fishing Contest, which starts from tomorrow and runs until Saturday September 1st. An event that attracts scores of local boat owners, all battling it out to land the largest possible weight of larger marine species such as Marlin and Bonito.

Strict rules will be followed in classifying the fish that are caught, with a prohibition on bringing the Marlin into the harbour to be weighed. Photos will be used instead to determine who has snared the largest of the big game species. The maximum points will be awarded to fishermen who catch Blue Marlin, with 500 points awarded for each, whilst White Marlin, Spearfish and Garfish will gain only 100 points. Smaller fish such as dorados, bonitos and tuna will score points according to their weight in kilos, with a point for each kilo.

So far, twenty nine local fishing boats have filled in the inscription for the competition, with local crews such as Lanis, Mizu and Blue Fin Primero vying for the top spot. The fishing will be in Lanzarote’s coastal waters, except for the area designated as the Chinijo Marine Reserve, at the northern end of the island and around La Graciosa.
The best time for visitors to view the action will be at around 16.00 each day. As that is when the boats will head back to Puerto Calero so that the day’s catch can be weighed at the temporary scales set up in the car park.

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