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Martiro Performs Live at the Island Theatre

Wednesday October 10, 2012

Martiro Performs Live at the Island Theatre

The widely acclaimed Jazz-Flamenco artist Martirio, hailed as Spain’s answer to Madonna, appears in Arrecife at the Island Theatre tomorrow night, Thursday 11th October. Born in Huelva in the late 1950’s her songs combine the yearning sadness often associated with flamenco and more contemporary sounds borrowed from jazz and the tango to create a separate genre altogether known as New Flamenco.

The stage name of Martirio means martyrdom in Spanish and is an apt pseudonym for a female artist performing this style of music. Martirio´s real name is Maribel Quiñones and she presents a visually striking image to accompany her music, with dark glasses on for every performance and costumes which often borrow from the Gitano wardrobe.

Most of her songs’ themes focus on love and the sadness that can be its counterpart, as she uses the traditional tones of her voice to communicate the depth of her feelings. Accompanied often by Spanish guitar, the main body of Martirio´s work has seen her lauded as a star of the ‘New Flamenco’.

The concert on Thursday will see Martirio playing ‘El airequeterodea’ – ‘The air that surrounds you’ – which brings the love poems of Garcia Lorca and Gabriel Mistral amongst others to life through song. Tickets cost €15 and are available from the Cultural department of the Lanzarote Cabildo. The concert begins at 21.00.

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