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El Mar Exhibition Explores Underwater World

Thursday October 11, 2012

El Mar Exhibition Explores Underwater World

A new exhibition entitled ‘El Mar´ at the Hotel Nautilus in Matagorda gives visitors a chance to explore the underwater world with a range of fascinating images taken by specialist aquatic photographers from the Canaries.

Amongst the eight photographers whose work is featured in this visually stunning show are David Barrios, Carlos Andrades, Joaquin Garcia Vera and Julio Diaz Sangil. The images reveal the extraordinary diversity of marine life in the waters surrounding each of the Canary Islands as well as the photographers’ skills in capturing them.

Numerous shots of molluscs, anemones, jellyfish and crustaceans reveal the huge range of creatures that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the islands. Other photos show shoals of fish moving in unison, turtles, eels and divers navigating their way through caves and shipwrecks.

The exhibition has been organized by the Government of the Canaries as part of its Septenioprogramme of Culture, Science and Innovation. The main emphasis of the exhibition´s theme is the unique nature of this sphere as well as the pressing need for its protection. El Mar will run until 30th October and is free to enter.

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