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Catch the Ultimate Beach Tournament in Puerto del Carmen

Thursday November 15, 2012

Catch the Ultimate Beach Tournament in Puerto del Carmen

Over 200 participants and sixteen teams drawn from different countries such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain will be battling it in the 10th Ultimate Beach Tournament, which gets underway today in Puerto del Carmen.

The fast growing sport of Ultimate Beach was born in the US (where else!) and is a high octane mixture of netball and American football. Mixed gender teams of five players per side pass the flying disc (or Frisbee to you and me), with points being scored every time the disc is succesfully caught within the end zone. Dropping the disc or allowing it to fall to the ground relinquishes possession and the first team to reach 13 points (or achieve the highest score after 45 minutes of play) wins.

Uniquely, there are no referees, even at World Championship level. And herein lies the origins of the sports name, as it requires the ultimate in fair play and mutual respect for your opponent for the game to function successfully.

Ultimate also requires a great deal of speed, stamina and agility – making it an exciting spectacle. And all of the action gets underway from today on the main beach of Playa Grande from 10.00 until 18.00 and runs through until Saturday, when the grand final will take place at 17.00.

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