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Canarian Open Hang Gliding Takes Off This Sunday

Thursday November 29, 2012

Canarian Open Hang Gliding Takes Off This Sunday

Lanzarote is a popular destination for sportspeople of many different stripes and this weekend sees the start of the XVIth CanariasOpen Hang Gliding Competition, known as Ala Delta, featuring some of the top pilots from across Europe.

The island’s topography and climate makes Lanzarote an ideal spot for exponents of this fast growing airborne activity.  The 16th CanariasOpen begins on Sunday the 2nd of December and runs until Saturday the 8th. December is usually particularly propitious for this event, as this tends to be the time of year when the prevailing Trade Winds die down and pilots can take advantage of more gentle thermal currents.

Due to the obvious importance of weather conditions and their implications for the safety of the participants each location for the competition at the Open is decided on the day. Popular potential competition spots on Lanzarote include the hills between Teguise and Famara, before the Peñas del Chache cliffs start and the range of hills above Mala.

Participants are required to register in advance. The administrative centre for the 16th Canarias Open is at Los Zocos apartments in Costa Teguise, which is also where a number of the competitors will be staying. The first day´s meeting is at 10.00 at Lolita´s Patisserie in San Bartolomé, where the location for that days event will be revealed. Tourists can keep track on the location of each day´s event by visiting

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