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Fiestas and Fireworks in Puerto del Carmen

Tuesday August 4, 2015

Fiestas and Fireworks in Puerto del Carmen

The island wide summer celebration of Nuestra Senora del Carmen reaches an atmospheric crescendo in Puerto del Carmen this coming weekend as the resort plays host to a wide raft of events along with a full on fireworks display.

The historical significance of this fiesta can be traced back all the way to the maritime town of Haifa in Israel. Which is where the cult of Carmen (or Carmel, as she is known there) began. Its emergence as a focal point in the Roman Catholic calendar occurred over centuries, but certainly by the eighteenth century, the current style of festival had begun.

An admiral, Antonio Barcélo Pont de la Terra, native of Mallorca introduced a gala amongst his ship’s crew in honour of Carmen. Today on this Balearic island the same commemoration still takes place, in the town of Port d’Andratx. Whilst on Lanzarote events run in most towns and villages throughout July and August.

The high spots of this truly traditional celebration are the Maritime Procession, which takes place on Saturday the 8th in the Old Town harbour area at 18.00, followed later by live music from Lanzarote Swing and Los Conjeros at 23.00.

Whilst on Sunday 9th the patron saint of local fishermen will also be enjoying an outing on dry land at 19.00, followed by live music at 21.00 and some full on fuegos artificiales (literally artificial fire or fireworks) at 23.30.

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