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Island Capital Celebrates Fiesta de San Gines

Thursday August 13, 2015

Island Capital Celebrates Fiesta de San Gines

It’s party time in Arrecife from tomorrow through until August 25th, as the island capital gets down to the serious business of celebrating the annual fiesta of San Gines.

This full on festival is crammed with different events and activities and is held in honour of Arrecife's patron saint, San Gines, who was originally known as the Bishop of Clermont. During the 16th century he was responsible for the construction of a small hermitage, now the Church de San Gines, that is located in the El Charco area of the capital.

Legend has it that during the 1700's a portrait of the Bishop appeared, floating on the waters of this small lagoon which is known by the locals as The Puddle, and from that moment on the "porteños" (port dwellers) proclaimed him the Patron Saint of the city.

Whatever the truth of the legend it’s clearly a great excuse for a fiesta and during the daytime much of the activity is concentrated around the El Charco area itself, where traditional island sports such as Canarian sailing and wrestling are celebrated and a new Miss Arrecife is elected.

Other highlights include a Street Dance competition at 21.00 on August 21st and Summer Cinema screenings of recently released blockbusters in their original language, such as Non Stop, which stars Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore (at 21.15 also on the 21st).

The whole event then culminates in an impressive and extremely well attended fireworks display on the main beach promenade next to the Parque Maritimo and the Arrecife Gran Hotel on the night of the 25th, starting at around 23.00.

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