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SPUD U LIKE Sol Y Papas Exhibition in Arrecife

Wednesday December 9, 2015

SPUD U LIKE Sol Y Papas Exhibition in Arrecife

Sunshine and spuds. Both are intrinsic to island life and emblematic of the culture that typifies Lanzarote. And together the two have been united in a new exhibition, entitled Sol Y Papas, which is now showing at the Sala de Exposiciones in El Charco, Arrecife

The exhibition forms part of the current Lanzarote Bienal 2015, an umbrella for a wide range of different cultural offshoots over the next few months and a celebration of the close inter-relationship between art and nature on the island over the last half century.

The Sol Y Papas exhibition is spread across two floors. Sun takes the top tier and features a massive montage of photos taken by locals during their travels both here on Lanzarote and abroad. Whilst Potatoes has taken root on the ground floor, showcasing the work of three eminent modern artists, including Irene Kopelman, who was originally born in Argentina but is now based in Amsterdam and whose work explores the relationship between science and art.

According to the event organizers, Potatoes signify links with Lanzarote’s past - when agriculture was an essential element of locals’ survival, whilst Sun is the axis on which the tourist industry thrives and a metaphor for the process of modernization that the island has experienced over the last 50 years.

Either way, with the exhibition also featuring the work of Raúl Domínguez and Oier Etxeberría it is well worth a visit, not least as it’s also free of charge.

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