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READY SALTED Lanzarote Rolls Out The Carpet For Corpus Christi

Wednesday May 25, 2016

READY SALTED Lanzarote Rolls Out The Carpet For Corpus Christi

One of Lanzarote's most colourful fiestas takes place this weekend. As locals mark Corpus Christi with the creation of intricately designed, alfombras de sal, or carpets of salt.

Corpus Christi is a key date in the Catholic calendar and whilst elsewhere in Spain it is usually celebrated with the creation of religous themed frescoes of flowers, here on Lanzarote the main ingredient is salt, reflecting the fact that centuries ago these granules were an important island product ­(the remnants of this industry are still visible in locations such as the Salinas de Janubio).

Whilst these seas of salt will be peppered across the larger towns of the island the main event takes place in the capital city of Arrecife. Where over 20 tons of brightly coloured crystals have been delivered so that a wide range of local organizations, such as resident associations and public sector workers, can get down to creating their own unique displays this coming Saturday afternoon in the area around La Recova market and the San Gines church square. In advance of the main religous procession which takes place on Sunday May 29th.

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