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FIRE STARTER Lanzarote Celebrates Fiesta de San Juan

Wednesday June 22, 2016

FIRE STARTER Lanzarote Celebrates Fiesta de San Juan

The fiery fiesta of San Juan will be celebrated across the island over the next couple of days, with tourist friendly events being staged in the main resort of Puerto del Carmen as well as in the northern pueblo of Haria.

The roots of this fiesta can be traced back to the mainland province of Alicante. Where locals used to celebrate the arrival of summer by heading into the countryside to drink, eat and dance around the flames of giant bonfires.

This tradition spread like, ahem wildfire, across Spain and here on Lanzarote every village would gather around large communal fires to celebrate into the night. Over the years though the communal nature of this fiesta has become a little diluted, although fires are still lit in most areas aroud the island.

In Puerto del Carmen the local authorities are keen to fuel the flames and revive these traditions.  And from 21.00 tomorrow they will be staging a large scale San Juan celebration in and around Playa Chica, featuring live music, barbecued sardines and of course a massive bonfire. All of which is entirely free of charge.

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