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Tuesday July 19, 2016


Cuban Tres player Yoriell Carmona performs live at the Museum of International and Contemporary Art in Arrecife on July 21st from 21.00. Tickets are priced at 10 euros.

Three really is the magic number for Yoriell Carmona.  As this young Cuban born musician's career has all been founded on his mastery of the Tres, a traditional three stringed guitar that is also a native of Cuba. And which can, a little confusingly, also be played with six strings too!

The Tres is one of the musical mainstays of traditional Cuban Son - the main musical force on the island, blending Spanish and Afro Cuban styles. It was first introduced to Cuba by Francophone immigrants in the 1880's before breaking big thanks to the advent of national radio in 1922. In the 1930's a swinging trumpet sound was added , helping to take the Son sound global, where it became part of a wider latin music explosion, entering the main stream popular music scenery in both North and South America.

Despite the fact that Yoriell Carmona has now lived in the Canaries since 2003 there's no escaping the pull of Son. So last year he returned to Cuba in order to record his latest album Fortuna, which adds a further layer of danceable Salsa to the rythmic Son mix.

Advance tickets are still available online at the Cultura Lanzarote website and can also be purchased up until 20.00 at the MIAC box office on July 21st, subject to remaining availability.

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