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BIG TOP Clowning Around In Haria

Monday January 2, 2017

BIG TOP Clowning Around In Haria

Malabharia, the International Festival of Circus Theatre, takes to the stage in Haria from today until January 4th. Boasting a packed programme of circus themed fun for the whole family.

Malabharia celebrates its 10th year this January and the 2017 event has expanded to encompass performers and troupes from around the globe, including Italy and Argentina as well as mainland Spain and the Canaries.

All of the action gets underway today at 20.30 as the performance group Elegants take to the stage at the sports centre in Haria with Cabaret Elegance, a fun filled combination of juggling, humour and acrobatics. And this is followed up by two further gala performances at 20.30 on the 3rd and 4th featuring a whole raft of amazing circus skills. All events are entirely free of charge.

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