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ROCK ´N REYES Three Kings On A Roll

Tuesday January 3, 2017

ROCK ´N REYES Three Kings On A Roll

Lanzarote is gearing up for the traditional celebration of Dia del Reyes, with events planned across the island. And in the capital Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar will also be rocking to the rhythms of live music from local groups Los Verbenas and Rock Sponja as the festivities culminate in Arrecife.

Twelfth night, or Epiphany, is a big deal in Spain and is always marked by the arrival and procession of the Three Kings, who are the more traditional festive figurheads here, rather than Father Christmas.

There will be celebrations and processions taking place across the island on January 5th to mark Dia del Reyes, most notably in Arrecife. Where their majesties will be dispensing gifts to children across the capital from 10.00 onwards. Building to an afternoon cavalcade running along the seafront to the Castillo San Gabriel, topped off with live music in El Charco from 21.30. 

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