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FREEZE FRAME World Press Photo Exhibition in Arrecife

Wednesday July 26, 2017

FREEZE FRAME World Press Photo Exhibition in Arrecife

The annual World Press Photo Exhibition is now open in Arrceife, showcasing the most compelling news images of 2017 from photo journalists around the planet.

The World Press Photo Foundation was first formed in Holland back in 1955 and has since evolved as the premier and most prestigious forum for press photogrpahers worldwide. Funding an annual tour which takes in an ever expanding host of countries, exposing their work to hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

This year´s winning image is entitled ´Murder in Turkey´, which captured the scene when the Russian Ambassador was assasinated in Ankara by an off duty policeman in an act of revenge for that country´s involvemenet in the Syrian conflict.

This year´s event is being staged in the exhibition hall Sala de Exposiciones in El Charco in Arrecife and runs until August 12th. Entry is free of charge.

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