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WALK ON In Step With Lanzarote´s Largest Festival

Friday September 15, 2017

WALK ON In Step With Lanzarote´s Largest Festival

The annual pilgrimage, to Mancha Blanca in celebration of Lanzarote´s patron saint, Dolores, takes place tomorrow, Saturday the 16th of September. Bringing tens of thousands of traditionally dressed locals and tourists onto the islands roads for Lanzarote´s biggest annual festival.

They´re all heading in one direction - the small village of Mancha Blanca which has a big role in island history, as this is the point where the lava from the volcanic eruptions of the 1730´s finally halted. Thanks, apparently, to the intervention of a local priest armed only with an icon of the patron saint, Nuestro Señora de los Dolores, against the advancing lava streams emanating from the Timanfaya region.

Walkers in folklore costume will be converging on Mancha Blanca - often with shopping trolleys full of refreshments in tow - throughout the afternoon in advance of a religious procession with an icon of Dolores, which takes place from 18.00 to 19.00. Before the huge crowds get down to a very lively night of drinking and dancing which goes on well into the early hours. The romeria, as this pilgrimage is called locally is a pretty inclusive festival, with many tourists making their way to Mancha Blanca on foot to enjoy the celebrations too.

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