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SOUND TRACKS Golden Globe Winner Live At Jameos del Agua

Friday October 20, 2017

SOUND TRACKS Golden Globe Winner Live At Jameos del Agua

Icelandic Golden Globe winner Jóhann Jóhannsson graces the stage at the Jameos Del Agua tomorrow night as part of Lanzarote´s 14th Festival of Visual Music. With tickets still available priced at €35.

Jóhannsson´s genre defying musical compositions fuse electronica with minimalist classical orchestration to amazing effect. Resulting in the creation of award winning sound-scapes, such as his work on the soundtrack for the Theory of Everything movie- which earned him a Golden Globe in 2014. As well as more recently on the Blade Runner 2049 release.

Berlin based Jóhannsson is obsessed with the texture of sound - inspired by the seminal electronic works of Brian Eno, another avant-garde musician who was also a prime mover behind the initial creation and launch of the island´s first Festival of Visual Music back in the 1990´s.

Tickets for tomorrow nights event, which gets underway from 21.00, are still available online at the booking site.




















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