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GLASS ACT Lanzarote Celebrates Malvasia Wine Week

Wednesday November 1, 2017

GLASS ACT Lanzarote Celebrates Malvasia Wine Week

It´s Malvasia Wine Week here on Lanzarote from November 6th as a number of the island´s leading bodegas unite to invent innovative activities designed to foster greater interaction with both tourists and locals alike.

Now in its third year, Malvasia is designed to promote greater public awareness of Lanzrote´s wines - as well as their and the important social, cultural and historical role in island life.

Wine has been produced on Lanzarote for over 500 years and back in the 16th Century the English couldn´t get enough of the sweet wine produced from locally grown malvasia grapes - a tipple that proved so popular it was even celebrated in a number of William Shakespeare´s best known plays.

Today there are still 13 main bodegas on the island all producing good quality wines, including Malvasia - as well as a wide rage of red, roses and specialist varieties - many of which have garlanded awards and plaudits from expert judging panels across Europe.

Wine Week provides visitors with the opportunity to brush up their knowledge about these locally produced wines via a whole raft of activities, including a special painting-with-wine workshop staged by local artist Rufina Santana at the El Grifo Bodega on Monday 6th November at 17.30.

A number of leading local restaurants are also preparing special Wine Week menus, whilst the highlight of the event takes place on November 12th. When a new wine route through the growing region is being inaugurated by the local regulatory body to coincide with the European Day of Enotourism.

You can find full event information by visiting the Malvasia Wine Week website.

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