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STRING FELLOWS Adventures In Timple At The Jameos Del Agua

Wednesday September 5, 2018

STRING FELLOWS Adventures In Timple At The Jameos Del Agua

The Jameos Del Agua hosts a celebratory fusión of authentic and modern timple trends this coming Saturday, September 8th…

Tickets are still on sale for this Saturday’s celebration of all things timple at the stunning Jameos del Agua. Priced at 20 euros, you can buy online at the Cultura Lanzarote website with all of the action getting underway from 20.00 onwards.

The timple is one of the most emblematic musical instruments in the Canary Islands – a small, five string guitar which is always at the heart of any folklore celebration.

In recent years, local musicians such as Tonin Corujo have been giving the timple a more modern twist, creating contemporary sounds drawing on influences from jazz to heavy metal with the other members of his quartet, whilst remaining true to the insturment’s traditional folklore roots.

This Saturday’s event promises a further fusion of the traditional and modern, as Tonin Courjo is joined on stage by another popular Canarian majorero timple player, Domingo Rodríguez, known as "El Colorao".

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