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FEET FIRST Lanzarote’s Fiesta de Los Dolores 2018

Thursday September 13, 2018

FEET FIRST Lanzarote’s Fiesta de Los Dolores 2018

Lanzarote’s annual pedestrian pilgrimage to the ‘miracle’ village of Mancha Blanca takes place this Saturday, September 15th….

Step out and enjoy one of the island’s largest fiestas this weekend, as the annual pilgrimage to Mancha Blanca takes place this weekend.

The Fiesta de Los Dolores celebrates the island’s patron saint, whose prayers are said to have halted the flow of lava from a volcanic eruption in 1824 at the outskirts of the village of Mancha Blanca.

Locals and tourists alike converge on the village in traditional dress from all points across the island, before getting down to the serious business of parading an icon of Los Dolores from the local church and a long night of partying.

Huge groups of devotees embark on foot from Lanzarote’s various municipalities. Leaving Teguise at 10.00, Yaiza at 06.00, Tias at 08.30 and San Bartolome at 11.00. So motorists are urged to take extra caution on local roads in order to navigate the crowds. With some roads being closed off to traffic for the day altogether.

Visit emergenciaslanzarote for more details on traffic plans. The Cabildo have also prepared an interactive video, in Spanish, providing more information about the event, special bus services and walking routes.

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