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TOY STORY Punk Anarchy In Arrecife!

Wednesday October 3, 2018

TOY STORY Punk Anarchy In Arrecife!

Seminal British comedy punk act The Toy Dolls headline this Friday’s edition of Arrecife en Vivo…

The third instalment of Arrecife en Vivo takes place this coming Friday, October 5th and taking centre stage are The Toy Dolls, a British punk act first formed way back in 1979.

Unlike virtually all of their contemporaries the Toy Dolls infuse their act with humour rather than anger, penning comedy punk classics such as James Bond Lives Down Our Street and Yul Bryner Was A Skinhead whilst incorporating unconventional instruments such as the kazoo into their sound. Resulting in a cult following which has kept their career afloat long after bigger and more notorious names have folded or faded away.

They will be appearing at 22.30 in the Lanzarote Marina, one of a number of picturesque platforms used for this multi-venue musical event. Which enables the audience to stroll between four different gigs in four different locations across the course of the evening. For more information visit the Arrecife en Vivo website.

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