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SUPER SONIC Island Sounds Abound At Jameos Del Agua

Wednesday November 14, 2018

SUPER SONIC Island Sounds Abound At Jameos Del Agua

Folk group Los Campesinos stage a unique celebration of island life at the Jameos Del Agua this coming Saturday, November 17th…

Isla Sonora is a unique, all new musical event being staged for the first time this weekend within the atmospheric environs of the Jameos Del Agua. Forming part of the celebrations to commemorate Lanzarote securing securing protected World Biosphere status 25 years ago.

Isla Sonora is an experimental blend of both classic and folklore music with every-day, ambient island sounds, attempting to draw a sonic map of Lanzarote and taking the audience on a journey in the process.

Tickets for the event, priced at 15 euros, are still available online via the Eco Entradas website and the event gets underway at 20.30. 

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