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Pancho Lasso Exhibition Opens at MIAC

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Pancho Lasso Exhibition Opens at MIAC

The acclaimed Lanzaroteño sculptor Pancho Lasso is the subject of a new exhibition being inaugurated at the Museum of International Contemporary Art (MIAC) in Arrecife today. Entitled 'Unedited Work', it will feature sculptures and drawings previously housed in the Pancho Lasso School of Art which are not often seen by the general public.

Alongside César Manrique, Pancho Lasso is one of the few artists born on Lanzarote who achieved renown in mainland Spain as well. Born in Arrecife in 1904, he was fifteen years older than Manrique and was already well established in his artistic career when the two became friends in the 1940's. By this time, Lasso had already been away studying in mainland Spain and returned to Lanzarote with an established reputation as a sculptor.

Lasso in fact studied in Madrid at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1926. His studies alternated between an apprenticeship in woodwork and creating artisan handicrafts. He was particularly drawn to depict forms of vegetation, albeit in somewhat surreal form, in his chosen material of wood.

In the 1930's Lasso, whose full name is Francisco Lasso Morales, turned his focus away from the arts as he became more involved in politics, in particular with communist ideology and the republican party during the Civil War in Spain. And in 1939 he returned to Lanzarote where he became once again interested in the social function of the artist in society.

It was during this later period of his work that he created a series of sculptures of a funereal character which can still be seen in the cemeteries of Arrecife and San Bartolomé. In 1946, Lasso returned to Madrid, making the capital his home from now on and continuing his artistic and social work, founding the Spanish Society of Friends of the Medal and developing his skills as a painter.

The exhibition has examples of Pancho Lasso's work throughout the trajectory of his career, with pieces from his formative years (1918-26), samples of works influenced by the Cubist period (between 1927-36) and a range of the drawings and sketches for numerous sculptural pieces.

In total, there will be twelve sculptures on show, seven sketches and thirteen paintings from the latter period of his artistic life, up until his death in 1973.

This new event is also a celebration of todays International Day of Museums. Which is being accompanied with a series of Show Cooking gastronomic events taking place in the MIAC restaurant at the Castillo de San José between 18th and 21st May.

Several of the best chefs from around the island will be demonstrating their culinary skills and preparing food for diners at the restaurant. Amongst those cooking up a storm are Juan José Camacho from the Castillo de San José, José A. Diaz from the Altamar Restaurant at the Gran Hotel and Orlando Ortega de León from Restaurant Lillium. Anyone can attend the Show Cooking event, which costs €20 and starts at 21.00 in the Castillo de San José restaurant.

The Museum of International Contemporary Art is open from 10.00 until 20.00 every day. Entrance to the museum costs €2.50 for adults and €1.25 for children. The restaurant is open between 13.00 and 16.00 and 19.00 and 23.30 every day.

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