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'Exhibition For Noses' in Puerto Del Carmen

Thursday May 19, 2011

'Exhibition For Noses' in Puerto Del Carmen

Get on the scent and visit an exhibition designed solely for the sense of smell which gets underway today in Puerto del Carmen. Featuring numerous natural essences and fragrances, the exhibition aims to stimulate the olfactory sense, which often triggers specific memories and feelings.

It has long been recognised that smell is one of the senses that is under appreciated in favour of sight and sound. The 'For Noses' show hopes to remind visitors how important aromas are to humans, with a huge range of scents available to sample.

Since Roman times, essential oils created from flowers such as jasmine and lavender have been used to not only mask unpleasant odours but also for their beneficial affects on health and well being.

Wafts of lemon, cocoa, fennel, recently cut grass, anise, myrrh, cedar, honey and dozens of other delicious aromas form the basis of this exhibition at the Centro El Fondeadero in the old harbour of Puerto del Carmen.

Entrance is free and it is open to the public during the afternoon and evening from 17.00 until 21.00 hours, from 19th May until Tuesday 31st May.

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