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London Graffiti Artist Exhibits in Tias

Tuesday June 14, 2011

London Graffiti Artist Exhibits in Tias

Head for the Ermita San Antonio in Tias to catch the outstanding graffiti work of London based artist Rowan Newton from June 16th. Who will be exhibiting there for free along with a number of other graffiti artists from across the Canaries and mainland Spain until July 23rd.

Rowan Newton comes from Brixton in south London and has been decorating urban landscapes with his own brand of art since 2004. He has also been commissioned to produce pieces by private clients such as Waitrose supermarkets, EMI Music and Antenna Magazine.

Newton has formal training in art and design and used his degree to develop his highly individual method of painting further, specialising in brightly coloured canvases which depict his subjects in a combined pop art and cartoon style.

Alongside Rowan's paintings there will also be examples of works by Madrileño Juan Zamora, Oscar Marin Repoller, who specialises in collage, Atchen Pounapal, the Brazilian artist Theo Firmo and Cesc Grano, the Catalan painter who explores Japanese design.

Each artist is attempting to present street art, drawings and collage in a new light, with an emphasis on the anti-elitist elements of popular culture and design. Zamora's work, for instance, include a graffiti style installation at the Contemporary Art Museum in Salamanca in 2010. Much of his work is autobiographical, using cartoon style animation, photographic images and montages.

Theo Firmo, who hails from Brazil, works in an illustrative style to draw the spectator through a visual narrative, with a series of detailed images that are arranged in sequence around the exhibition space. Meanwhile, Cesc Grano's work has a distinctly Japanese feel, as he uses puppets and toys with a distinctly oriental look to them, to create photo-montage images.

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