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Green Light  – Cannabis Clubs Crop Up On Lanzarote

Wednesday May 6, 2015

Green Light – Cannabis Clubs Crop Up On Lanzarote

Cannabis users visiting Lanzarote are now able to access a growing number of Cannabis Clubs, where hash and marijuana can be bought and consumed legally, so obviating the need to break the law by either importing their own or running the risks associated with scoring on the street.

Despite decades of repression and a totally counter-productive US driven worldwide War On Drugs, attitudes towards cannabis consumption in many parts of the globe have softened significantly in recent years, resulting in the proliferation of medical and social clubs in many countries and even full blown depenalization or legalization in some 20 American states, such as Washington and Colorado.

In Spain, the decentralized administration of the country means that individual autonomous regions are able to frame their own policies on legalization and enforcement. As a result Cannabis Clubs - non-profit, members-only operations which promote medical and therapeutic usage – have cropped up particularly in The Basque region and Catalonia. Whilst on Lanzarote there are currently three Cannabis Clubs in operation, the best known of which is CannaPharmacia in Playa Honda - which has been open since 2012.

CannaPharmacia alone has some 2500 local members and tourists are also able to join providing they are aged 18 years and over and in possession of a passport. 

Typically there’s an annual membership fee of 20 Euros and a daily limit of two grams per purchase. Members are able to choose from a small selection of hash and grass options which are normally priced at between five to seven Euros per gram depending on variety.

Cannabis Clubs are able to operate thanks to their members only, non-profit status. However, visiting users should note that possession and consumption of cannabis in a public place remains against the law.


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