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Repackaged - Tui Grounds Thomson and First Choice

Friday May 22, 2015

Repackaged - Tui Grounds Thomson and First Choice

Thomson and First Choice, two of the best known travel brand names in the UK, are destined to disappear over the horizon in the next two years as parent company Tui presses ahead with a revamp and rationalization of their business which is ultimately designed to make them more competitive in the online holiday booking environment.

The UK based arm will be integrated into the German parent company over the next few years as all other European regional brands are united under the one Tui sun umbrella, which means it´s bon voyage for Thomson, who first started selling cheap breaks to British holidaymakers back in 1962.

Thomson has historically been a major player in the Canary Islands, particularly since the acquisition of First Choice in 2007, with the two airlines traditionally transporting a large percentage of their annual five million plus customers on winter sun breaks to Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, as well as the Balearics and Greece.

Tui is the world´s largest travel brand, making the transition to one single marketing entity a logical step in these days of globalised campaigns and communications. And it is estimated that the streamlining operation will save the company some £70 million in costs as it seeks to compete more effectively with its myriad rivals, especially online.

Some Brits may well feel a touch nostalgic about the death of such a familiar brand name though, not least as Thomson became synonymous with package holidays during the 1970´s and 80´s, as many ventured abroad for the first time, selling around 3 million breaks a year at their peak. But sadly for Thomson the game has moved on since then, as today most travellers book their own flights and accommodation independently.

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