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ANTIQUE AIRWAYS How Old Is Your Holiday Jet?

Tuesday October 18, 2016

ANTIQUE AIRWAYS How Old Is Your Holiday Jet?

This weeks news about a 28 year old Jet2 plane´s third emergency landing in four weeks at Manchester Airport has rightly raised consumer concerns about the age and safety of the aircraft transporting them on holiday.

Normally, price and flight time are the key factors in deciding which airline to book with. But tourists flying to Lanzarote should also be aware that some airline´s planes are much older than others, which can obviously lead to possible delays and disruption.

Of course maintenance is also vital, but there´s no escaping the fact that some airlines especially, in the low cost sector, buy older and cheaper craft as part of their overall business model. So we´ve taken a closer look at the age of some of the planes that you might be boarding the next time you're flying to Lanzarote.




According to stats culled from Jet2´s Boeing 737´s are the antiques of the airways and the oldest craft currently in service on this route, with an average fleet age of 27 years. They also fly slightly younger 757´s and Next Generation 737´s, but even then this only antes down the average age of the fleet to 21.9 years.


easyJet fly much more recently manufactured Airbuses on their UK to Lanzarote routes, with the A319 model clocking in at 9.1 years whilst the newer A320 has just 3.2 years on the clock, giving an average fleet age of 6.6 years.


Thomson Airways fleet is dominated by Next Generation Boeing 737´s, which have an average age of just 5.5 years, whilst the overall fleet age for all craft is 8 years.


This relative newcomer to the UK to Lanzarote market has some of the youngest planes on the tarmac, clocking in at an average of just 2.8 years.


Whilst Thomas Cook has some fairly elderly Boeing 757 and 767´s on their roster, the overall age of their fleet is ameliorated by the presence of some more sprightly Airbus craft, resulting in an overall flee age of 10.4 years.


According to their official website Ryanair only fly Boeing 737-800´s and the average age of their 300 strong fleet is just 5 years.

Of course, these figures just provide a general overview as to the antiquity of your holiday aircraft, but if you´re concerned and want to check a specific plane´s age visit sites such as flightstats, where you can access more information.

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