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Thursday October 20, 2016

NATURAL VALUES Mandy Barker, A Homage To Lanzarote

The award winning British photographer Mandy Barker pays homage to Lanzarote´s natural beauty and Cesar Manrique´s role as a conservationist in a beautifully shot new video which has just been released on YouTube.

Barker has won global recognition for her stunning photographic work which is designed to raise awareness about the harmful impact of plastic pollution in the world´s oceans and how this impacts negatively upon marine wildlife and ultimately ourselves.

She recently visited Lanzarote to launch a series of Biosphere Talks and spent time in some of the island´s most iconic spots, taking in the natural beauty and capturing it on film with the help of directors Adrian Rodd and Gines Diaz. And you can view the spectacular and enlightening results for yourself.......

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