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PALACE COUP History For Sale In Teguise

Friday October 21, 2016

PALACE COUP History For Sale In Teguise

The Palacio de Marques, one of the oldest buildings on Lanzarote, has recently come onto the market. So if you fancy buying into a slice of island history and have a cool 1.2 million currently going spare now´s your chance.

The Palacio is located in Teguise, the former capital of the island and home to the most historic houses on the island. It was purchased by the current owners back in the 1980´s and has since served time as a tapas restaurant and wine retail outlet. 

However it enjoyed a far more prestigious past as this was once the seat of the Canarian Government for some 270 years and was originally constructed way back in 1455. The Palacio is also rumoured to house a secret tunnel, running up to the Castillo de Santa Barbara on Mount Guanapay, providing locals with an escape route and hiding place during the frequent pirate raids and assualts on the capital in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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