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GOOD SPORT Active Tourism Up 40% On Lanzarote

Saturday May 27, 2017

GOOD SPORT Active Tourism Up 40% On Lanzarote

How important is sports tourism to Lanzarote? According to the latest figures just released by the island government this sector now accounts for a sizeable 7.5% slice of the total tourist market - and has grown by nearly 40% over the last five years alone.

Leisure and tourism models are changing - and the days of just lounging by the hotel pool before hoovering up the all you can eat buffet are fading faster than a sun tan, as a growing number of travelers seek more unique, authentic and active experiences.

On Lanzarote this trend has translated into a rapid expansion of the sports tourism sector - with over 175,000 visitors last year alone seeking a more active break here on the island.

Around half of these tourists (3.6%) came here to run, walk or cycle. 1.7% visited Lanzarote to enjoy a wide variety of water sports, whilst just 0.4% hit the fairways on the island´s two golf courses.

Contrary to popular perception these active holidaymakers actually pump more money into the local economy than your typical tourist - spending close to 10 euros per day above the average daily outgoing of 35 euros on the island and more on accommodation, eating out and enterainment too. Suggesting that this is precisely the type of tourism that should be encouraged.

Sports tourism numbers on the other Canary Islands suggest that there is also plenty of scope to achieve further growth too - as Lanzarote still lags some way behind the rest of the archipelago, despite the high profile of the annual Iron Man competition and the presence of the dedicated sports resort La Santa.

On average the sports tourism sector accounts for 9.5% of all visitors to the Canaries - with Fuerteventura (11.4%), Tenerife (9.8%) and La Palma (33%) all attracting a greater proportion of these health conscious holidaymakers than Lanzarote.

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