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Projects by César Manrique

Saturday October 11, 2008

Projects by César Manrique

César Manrique had a hand in many projects on Lanzarote, including private commissions and renovations. As a result there's much more of his work to see than just the main tourist attractions and the Cesar Manrique Foundation.

Gran Melia Salinas

Costa Teguise

The Gran Melia was one of the first hotels built on the island and was designed to spearhead the birth of Costa Teguise as a tourist resort.

In 1977 Manrique was invited to design the hotel's incredible, internal open-air garden and exterior pool areas and a few Manrique artworks and murals also adorn the walls.

Pueblo Marinero

Costa Teguise

Part of the plan to drive up-market tourism in Costa Teguise the Pueblo Marinero is essentially Manrique's loose recreation of an old fishing village.

Worth a stroll around but now spoilt somewhat by the less than up market bars and restaurants that occupy much of the development.

El Aljibe de Tahiche


Manrique originally converted this old water vault near his home in Tahiche into a restaurant, but now it does service as an art gallery.

Unfortunately, its hardly ever open and visitors are usually met by a local council official stating that the building is closed. What a waste!

Worth taking a stroll past if you are visiting Manrique's house though. From here, go through the roundabout by Manrique's house and head in the direction of Costa Teguise.

El Aljibe is just a hundred or so metres from the roundabout on the right.

El Almacen


Manrique created an arts center in the heart of Arrecife which is very much alive and kicking today.

The ground level hosts a bar, the basement houses an art gallery (where usually admission is free) and upstairs boasts a small art house style cinema, occasionally screening cult films in English.

There are plenty of the usual Manrique, curvy, white washed trademarks and interestingly Cesar used to operate the place at a loss, out of his own pocket, in order to stimulate the islands art scene.

La Era


Along with Luis Ibanez, Manrique bought an old farmhouse in Yaiza, initially for use as a studio, but then transformed it into a restaurant.

It's still open today serving some of the best traditional food on the island.

Terminal 2

Arrecife Airport

Manrique originally designed certain aspects of the existing airport facility, such as the check-in area, but these creations are now long gone.

However, a giant mural has been saved and is now displayed in the recently opened terminal for interior flights.

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