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HOT COMPETITION Tourism Threat Of Red Sea Revival

Tuesday January 23, 2018

HOT COMPETITION Tourism Threat Of Red Sea Revival

Could the Canary Islands current record level of tourist arrivals come under threat from resurgent competition in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt? According to recent media reports emanating from both Germany and the UK this scenario looks likely to unfold during the course of 2018.

The Canary Islands hasn’t been able to rest long on the laurels of a record breaking year in 2017, when over 16 million tourists visited the archipelago. As a revival in bookings in the Red Sea resorts and new, rock bottom all-inclusive holiday packages in Tunisia and Turkey look set to entice British and German visitors away once again.

Spain and the Canary Islands have been the main beneficiaries of the collapse of these competitor destinations since 2010, helping Spain to overtake the US as the second most visited country on the planet after France last year.

However, this could all change in 2018, as according to the German travel media package holiday bookings for Lanzarote dropped by a dramatic 21% during the course of December. As domestic demand there switched away from the Canary Islands in general to Red Sea resorts and the Turkish Riveria.

Meanwhile the Sun newspaper recently reported that hotels in the Canaries have little hope of competing for British custom with their revived rivals on price, as some Turkish all-inclusive holidays in five-star resorts are now on sale from as little as £350 per week and three-star family holidays are priced as low as £210 even during the school summer holidays.

Similar cut price deals in Tunisia and Egypt are also expected to lure some bargain hunting Brits away from the archipelago.








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