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Monday July 8, 2019

TIDE MARKS Playa de la Canteria In Orzola

Take advantage of low tide and explore some of Lanzarote’s more obscure stretches of sand….

Lanzarote is home sixty plus beaches, the most photogenic of which can be found outside the main resorts and off the beaten track. Playa de la Canteria is located just outside the village of Orzola, at the northern tip of the island and is a firm favourite with many locals. Especially at low tide, when visitors can fully explore the small set of coves here, as well as the picturesque main horseshoe shaped beach.

It’s easy to find – there’s a small signpost at the first main left turn after you pass the supermarket as you turn into the village. And this soon degnerates into a bit of a bone rattling dirt track, which is well worth the wear on your hire car’s suspension. As you are soon rewarded with some stunning views of a breath-taking beach set against the imposing backdrop of the Famra massif. Which boasts both fascinating colour and texture as a result of the combined impact volcanic activity and erosion by the sea.

The first cove around the main headland on Playa de la Canteria is home to a small cave where you can escape from the sun and soak up the amazing views out to the other islands that comprise the Chinijo archipelago, chief among which is small and sparsely populated La Graciosa. So you can also enjoy watching the regular ferries that labour across this often choppy channel from the safety of the sands.

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