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Lanzarote´s Green Oasis

Wednesday April 22, 2009

Lanzarote´s Green Oasis

Who would believe it? A wood on arid Lanzarote. And whilst the El Bosquecillo (small wood) may not be Sherwood Forest this oasis of greenery in the north of the island boasts some of the most breathtaking views on Lanzarote. Along with a host of local flora and fauna. Making it a great spot to explore.

Off the Beaten Track

El Bosquecillo is popular with locals -  but lies well off the tourist track. So much so that it is not very clearly signposted and doesn't even feature on some maps. The wood lies down at the end of a dirt track which is best accessed by a 4X4, but is still manageable by normal car.

The wood still bears some scars from Tropical Storm Delta - which hit the island back in November 2005 and destroyed many of the taller trees in its wake. Today though this site - which spans about 7 acres - is still home to a large collection of acacias (acacia heterophylla) and dwarf pines. Few of which grow much taller than 2 metres or so. Along with a large concentration of indigenous flora and fauna, such as wild poppies, thistles, wild fennel, ribwort plantain and vetch.

El Bosquecillo´s main attraction is its views. As the wood is located around 600 metres above sea level on the Risco de Famara massif. And is sometimes also referred to as the Mirador (lookout point) de los Riscos. Granting visitors some of the most breathtaking vistas that Lanzarote has to offer - all from this one spot.

Down below to the left lies Famara, the huge horsehoe shaped bay and beach. With the beginnings of the Timanfaya Volcano Park evident in the distance. To the right the small neighbouring islands of La Graciosa and Alegranza. Which along with Montaña Clara make up the small Chinijo Archipelago. Whilst back inland the peak of Monte Corona - Lanzarote´s tallest volcano at 609 metres dominates the view. With the Valley of 1000 Palms also visible.

Whilst there are signs with strict instructions to not light fires there are barbecue pits and picnic tables dotted around throughout the woods. Along with a childrens playground. Making this the ideal spot for a bit of al fresco outdoor eating whilst drinking in the views.  The Bosque is also a great spot for walkers - with plenty of coastal routes available.

How To Get There

Taking the LZ from the former island capital of Teguise the road winds up through the picturesque village of Los Valles. With its many steep terraces, once used for the cultivation of barilla (a plant once grown for use in the manufacture of soap), in evidence.

Before proceeding past the Parque Eolico on the right and the military listening post on the left. Just after the listening post is a lay by on the right which has great views down to Arrieta and the coastline below.

Turn left here onto the dirt track on the opposite side of the road. Then take the fourth turning off to the right, which then doubles back on itself, taking you past volcanic stone walls, cultivated fields and a large house with the unmistakeable smell of sheep on your right. At the end of this house, follow the track as it forks to the right and keep going until the wood comes into view ahead.

Other Attractions Nearby

Take a walk past the military post and take in the pretty church and great views at nearby Las Nieves.

Visit the Valley of 1000 Palms and the picturesque village of Haria. Where tradition has it that locals used to plant one palm tree for every new born girl and two for every boy.

Step back in time and explore the former island capital of Teguise - one of the oldest settlements on the Canary Islands and home to Lanzarote´s most historic buildings. Another great spot for some sightseeing on Lanzarote.

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