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On Location :: Lanzarote On Film

Saturday May 28, 2011

On Location :: Lanzarote On Film

The unique and dramatic landscapes of Lanzarote have provided the backdrop for a number of famous films. As well as an ideal location for numerous fashion shoots, ad campaigns and even idents for TV stations such as Euro Sport – who filmed a tennis match on top of an old house in Teguise – a few years ago.  

Most recently, Pedro Almodovar shot large segments of his release Broken Embraces in various locations around the island.  Watch the film and see if you can spot Lanzarote´s wine region, the beach at Famara and the wind toy Fobos close to the César Manrique Foundation

Here's a breakdown of some of the movies that have been made on Lanzarote. A list - incidentally – that doesnt include Planet Of The Apes. Which is credited by many sources as having being filmed on location on Lanzarote but which was in fact shot in the Arizona desert. Nor Journey To the Centre Of The Earth - which was actually filmed in Tenerife.



One Million Years BC

Year: 1966

Director: Don Chaffey

Starring: Raquel Welch and John Richardson

Enjoy watching model dinosaurs - as well as a few suspiciously large looking iguanas – chase cavemen all over the Timanfaya Volcano Park. And if that isn't enough there's also the sight of Raquel Welch in a fur bikini.

This classic sci- fi movie was extensively shot on location in and around the Volcano Park, as well as other instantly recognizable spots such as the Green Lagoon at El Golfo.

The plot revolves around a caveman called Tumak, played by John Richardson, who is exiled after a run in with his father, who is also the leader of the savage Rock tribe.

Tumak wanders into the arms of the coast living, peace loving Shell Tribe. But is again given his marching orders as a result of forging a fiery relationship with Loanna, played by Raquel Welch. They choose to face volcanic eruptions, iguanas and what were state of the art special effects for the 1960´s together.

Enemy Mine

Year: 1985

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Starring: Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr

Enemy Mine is a good quality sci-fi drama directed by the highly respected German Wolfgang Petersen, who was also at the helm for later box office hits such as Troy, Poseidon and The Perfect Storm.

The film is set in a bleak future, where earthmen are fighting an evil alien race called the Drac. During a brutal space battle Dennis Quaid and his Draconian rival, Louis Gossett Jr., force each other out of the sky and land on a hostile planet. Played by Lanzarote!

In a rather saccharine twist after the excitement of the opening scenes the two rivals are forced to cooperate with each other as they are isolated in their new environment and, somewhat predictably, soon become firm friends.

Still well worth a look though for the opening scenes and shots of Lanzarote.

Even Dwarfs Started Small

 Year: 1970

Director: Werner Herzog

Starring: Helmut Doring and Gerd Gickel

Scarey and surreal German made comedy drama from the man behind the cult movie classic Freaks. The dwarf inhabitants of a remote institution rebel against their keepers and take over their asylum. They proceed to destroy all symbols of an ordered society - typewriters are totaled, plates smashed and even the asylum's chickens are driven to cannibalism! With Lanzarote providing the backdrop for all of the exterior shots.


Year: 1983

Director: Peter Yates

Starring: Liam Neeson, Lysette Anthony

Lanzarote also plays a starring role in this science fiction fantasy movie. As the Planet Krull is invaded by an evil monster, known aptly as The Beast and his warlike followers, The Slayers. The inhabitants of Krull join forces to repel The Beast, free Princess Lyssa and to restore peace to their planet.

A number of classic science fiction TV series have also shot episodes on Lanzarote. Including Doctor Who - with the BBC springing for an outside broadcast way back in 1963 to produce an episode aptly entitled Planet of Fire. The TV mini series version of Ray Bradburys classic novel The Martian Chronicles also utilized Lanzarote as a location.


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