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Disa Petrol Linked To Car Breakdowns

Wednesday July 6, 2011

Disa Petrol Linked To Car Breakdowns

Tourists booking car hire in Lanzarote are advised to avoid filling up at Disa petrol stations on the island. As the company has admitted that some of the petrol sold in four service stations around Lanzarote has been adulterated, resulting in at least 14 complaints from consumers and numerous car breakdowns.

The Government of Lanzarote has asked for an analysis of the product to be conducted immediately, as several cars have experienced breakdowns in recent days due to an alteration in the Gasolina 95 sold at various petrol stations.

Disa insists that the problem has been resolved and that they have collected any remaining stocks of affected petrol already. However, the councillor for Industry, Commerce and the Consumer at the Lanzarote Government, Emilio Bermudez has asked the director of the Disa installation on Lanzarote, Carlos Ojeda, to ensure that a thorough analysis is carried out to examine the quality of the product after the numerous complaints and denouncements made by customers.

Those affected have suffered breakdowns with expensive repair costs, which point to a quality issue in the petrol they purchased.

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