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Tourist Arrivals Climb Again in June

Thursday July 14, 2011

Tourist Arrivals Climb Again in June

The number of foreign tourists taking holidays in Lanzarote rose by 20.7% last month versus June 2010, according to the latest data just released by AENA, the Spanish airport authority. And total arrivals for the first half of 2011 are now up by 21.1% against the first six months of last year.

Foreign tourist arrivals on Lanzarote continued to climb last month, as a total of 132,777 visitors touched down at Arrecife airport. An increase of 20.7% versus the June 2010 figure of 105,293 passengers.

Whilst over the last six months Lanzarote has welcomed 842,561 foreign tourists, 176,937 more than during the same period last year. Equivalent to an increase of 21.1%.

Across the islands as a whole, the increase in foreign tourist numbers is even greater, with 24.4% more people visiting one of the Canary Islands than between January and June last year. This translates into an additional 996,598 visitors in total, according to figures compiled by the Vice-consul of the Canarian Government, using statistics supplied by AENA, the Spanish Airport Authority.

Ricardo Fernandez de la Puente, the Vice-consul, reported yesterday that 'all the tourist markets had grown strongly during June'. With notable increases in visitors from France (116.5% more tourists than in June 2010) and Poland (91.9% more visitors). Other significant rises were noted from Russia (71.7%), Italy (74.7%) and the Czech Republic (43.1%).

The Vice-consul went on to emphasise the importance of on-line activity in generating awareness and holiday bookings for the islands.

Tenerife saw the largest increase in foreign tourist arrivals, with an additional 243,282 in comparison with June 2010, 41,281 more visitors than was recorded for the same month last year. And during the first six months of 2011, there have been 1,845,675 foreign visitors arriving on Tenerife, an increase of 24.6% or 364,255 people in comparison with figures for 2010.

Gran Canaria takes second place, with 1,456,286 foreign arrivals between January and June this year, 19.8% more than last year. In June alone, the increase was 13.4% with a total of 167,444 arrivals for the month.

Fuerteventura gained a further 19% of tourist visitors in June, reaching 133,263 for the month, whilst the figures for the first half of the year are even more impressive with an increase of 38.5% in visitor numbers when compared with January to June 2010. In total, so far this year 882,723 foreign tourists have visited Fuerteventura. Leaving Lanzarote in fourth place.

The only decline in foreign visitor numbers occurred on La Palma, where there have been -1.1% fewer arrivals than were recorded for the first six months of last year. In June, this translated into a decline of -18.1% when compared with figures for the same month in 2010.

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