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Lanzarote Advertising Goes Underground

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Lanzarote Advertising Goes Underground

A new marketing campaign promoting Lanzarote as a holiday destination has just been launched on the underground in London. This latest advertising offensive has been jointly organized by the Society for the External Promotion of Lanzarote (SPEL), the Tourist Board and Monarch Travel Group.

Featuring a photograph of one of La Graciosa's beautiful beaches, the main thrust of the poster is that one way flights to Lanzarote can be purchased for as little as £48.49.

In total, sixteen stations on various tube lines across the capital will be running the trackside adverts, with numerous mainline train services in south and central London also carrying the promotional panels in their carriages. In Manchester, the ads will be running on the promotional panels on the sides of the city's licensed taxis.

This latest campaign will be run in conjunction with a large on-line marketing push, consisting of emailing 800,000 customers drawn from Monarch's database with details of the best offers available. This comes on the back of the airline's expansion of flights to the island which they have been publicizing in the British media since February this year.

The underground was chosen for the latest wave of advertising as it is recognized as one of the busiest transport systems in the world, bringing a high level of exposure to companies marketing themselves there.

Monarch flights to Lanzarote are offered from four of the UK's main airports, namely Luton, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham. In addition to the low cost of one way tickets, the posters are also promoting holidays from as little as £189.

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