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Lanzarote Wines The Toast of New York

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Lanzarote Wines The Toast of New York

Two of Lanzarote's leading bodegas have received critical acclaim from wine specialists at both the New York Times and on an American blog 'Serious about wine'by Mike Carter. With the 2009 rosé produced by Los Bermejos and the Sweet Gold white created by Bodegas Rubicon being classed as 'excellent' by critics.

The New York Times writer Eric Asimov chose the rosé produced by Los Bermejos from a selection of twenty rosés on offer at a specialist Spanish wine shop in New York. His review of the 2009 rosé praises its 'floral aromas and refreshing quality', noting that for him at least drinking it 'was like listening to the sea'.

He also described its twenty dollar price tag as extremely reasonable, given the costs of production by hand and its importation into the United States. The critic also acknowledged that Lanzarote was one of the most unusual places in the world to cultivate grapes, with its black picon covered fields, constant winds and dry atmosphere.

Meanwhile, wine lover Mike Carter chose the Sweet Gold produced by Bodegas Rubicon to feature on his blog 'Serious about wine'. In particular, he praised the wine's notes of white flowers, honey and caramel and commented on the clever packaging which presents the drink in a perfume styled bottle, enhancing its appeal to the feminine public.

The favourable review for Sweet Gold has resulted in one New York based firm ordering fifty bottles of the limited edition wine, according to the owners of the Bodega, who have created only 2,000 bottles in total of this particular bouquet. During the past year, approximately 6,000 bottles of assorted wines cultivated in Lanzarote have been imported into the United States, indicating an increase in awareness of the island's viniculture and products.

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