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German Tourist Recovery Continues in July

Wednesday August 31, 2011

German Tourist Recovery Continues in July

Lanzarote has seen the largest upsurge in German visitor numbers of all of the Canary islands in July, according to the Society for the External Promotion of Lanzarote (SPEL). As the number of tourists visiting from Germany rose to 25,817 arrivals, an increase of 21.75% versus the same month in 2010. But British arrivals remained largely flat, up by just 2.39%.

The Society for the External Promotion of Lanzarote (SPEL) attributes much of this rise to the agreements it reached with German tour operators such as TUI, FTI and the airline Air Berlin. Whilst the continuing instability in various north African countries has also resulted in many German tourists choosing the Canary Islands as their summer holiday destination over usual favourites such as Sharm El Sheikh and Tunisia.

Elsewhere in the archipelago there were also noticeable increases of tourists arriving from Germany, with Gran Canaria seeing numbers grow by 21.08%, Tenerife by 21.41% and Fuerteventura by 5.85%.

British and Irish tourism also saw a small improvement in visitor numbers, with 83,056 British tourists arriving in July, a rise of 2.39%, whilst nearly 21,000 Irish holidaymakers also came to the island. Spanish visitors from the mainland accounted for 46,535 of those arriving in July, with a cumulative total for the first seven months of the year reaching 178,332.

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