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Ryanair Rumpus at Airport

Wednesday September 21, 2011

Ryanair Rumpus at Airport

The Guardia Civil were called in to Arrecife airport on Monday to help calm passengers after they experienced a ten hour delay on their Ryanair flight to Madrid. The situation arose as a result of a breakdown on the original plane scheduled to take passengers to Madrid, according to eye-witnesses waiting for a flight to Edinburgh.

And whilst a new plane appeared to have been found for the Lanzarote to Madrid flight, it did not then get underway for several more hours. This further delay was exacerbated by a lack of information being made available to travellers waiting to board, which let to mounting tensions in the departure lounge. As a result, many of those expecting to board the Madrid flight began to ask for their money back and also for more information.

The situation then became somewhat tense, as some passengers attempted to block the departure of a flight to Edinburgh, with a group of several passengers pushing and shouting. It was at this point that Guardia Civil intervened to calm the delayed travellers down. The flight to Madrid eventually departed at 19.30 in the evening, some ten hours later than originally scheduled.

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